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Tavon Austin – Fantasy Football Outlook

Tavon Austin turned into the principal ability position player drafted in 2013 when the Rams chosen him with the eighth general pick. In dream football terms, this implies he’ll be one of the main newbies chose in dream drafts the nation over this mid year. While talking about Tavon Austin’s dream football standpoint it is vital to look at his potential from two points of view: prompt and long haul. For the standard class dream proprietor, the prompt point of view is the special case that will be mulled over. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you are among the developing number of individuals playing in a manager group this year, you should likewise think about his long haul potential.


The main thing to consider when projection Tavon Austin’s dream sums for this season is the Rams offense in general. A year ago the Rams completed 23rd in the group in all out offense. This past off-season they lost their driving rusher, Steven Jackson, and seemingly their most capable collector, Danny Amendola, from a year ago’s group. As it were, they require help. Sam Bradford has required a true blue number one recipient since he came into the NFL in 2010. In drafting Austin the Rams would like to have helped that issue and given their battling offense a jar.

The Rams are likely going to have a go at utilizing Austin in an assortment of ways. In school Austin returned punts and in some cases even arranged in the backfield. Jeff Fisher will discover innovative approaches to make history the ball in Austin’s grasp. I trust Austin will be one of the main two youngster beneficiaries in the group this year, alongside the Texans DeAndre Hopkins. I anticipate that him will create some place in the scope of 800 – 1,000 yards getting.

Long haul

Austin’s long haul dream achievement will be attached to how well he performs in the space. His size (5’9″, 174 lbs.) makes it impossible that he’ll arrange wide. Before, this would have be viewed as a major negative. In any case, in the cutting edge NFL, folks like Wes Welker, Percy Harvin, and Victor Cruz set up stud-like numbers playing out of the opening position. There’s no reason that Tavon Austin shouldn’t end up in that first class organization following a couple of years in the alliance. He has awesome speed, superb increasing speed, and the capacity to stop and begin on a dime. He is additionally deceivingly difficult to cut down. He could be the point of convergence of the Rams offense for the following couple of years. I trust he’ll be a main ten recipient in time, and I like his potential in guardian alliances more than some other new kid on the block wide collector in the current year’s class. On the off chance that you are drafting in an attendant group this year, Austin ought to be in your best five new kids on the block general.